IDD of GTD: How to fix Procrastination

8bg35Why do we procrastinate?  How can we fix it? According to David Allen in his Getting Things Done book, claims that those who are “the most creative, sensitive and intelligent people” are those who procrastinate the most.  Woo hoo!!  But wait a minute!  Don’t get too excited just yet, I thought I could brag at first as well being a procrastinator at times thinking…”Haha for all of those who always got on my case about putting things off.  I’m creative, sensitive and intelligent!”  Well, that was until I continued reading!  Yes, it is great to have those characteristics!  The issue comes in when we have large projects to complete, and before we know it that project’s due date is coming up fast and we have nothing or very little completed.  Now we start to panic even more, but why?

Allen claims that it is how our mind works.  When we look at something that is big and has a lot of things to do in order to be completed we tend to panic.  Our mind thinks about all the issues that could come about.  Or sometimes it might just be that this large project is too overwhelming to look at it as the whole.  Instead, Allen suggests what he calls Intelligent Dumbing Down (IDD), this is where we take our projects and view them in sections (or action steps).  If we can take this big project and really sit down, organize our thoughts, and jot down each step you can look at the project in sections instead of as the whole, and it may not be as overwhelming.  But what happens when even that is overwhelming?  That is my issue with this kind of thinking.

To take my project and have to sit down and think the project through, so that I can make a list of each action item, to me is a large task.  One that I would probably procrastinate doing, some of it could be that I just don’t have the time to sit down and figure out each and every project. However, I do find myself using the IDD method with my work projects. Yet when it comes to school and projects around the house I tend to be a little more of a procrastinator.  I guess I need to just keep working at it, and try to use this IDD method more at home and school.  At least I know through all this I can say I am creative, sensitive and intelligent!


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