The City that Might See Jesus

cropped-FCWC-2016-17-Theme-HeaderAs we finish up our Easter festivities at church and home, tomorrow begins a new adventure for many youth and adults around the Rochester area.  Flower City Work Camp!  This is a local mission trip where youth and adults from many different churches and denominations come together for one purpose….to shine the light of Jesus in the city of Rochester!

FB_IMG_1459654090432This week where many schools are closed for spring break.  Hundreds of students have decided to give up their relaxing at home, or trips to Myrtle Beach with their families to instead go to the homes of someone in need and help fix their floors or walls, others will be setting up miniature Vacation Bible Schools on the corners of city streets teaching the children of the community about Jesus and building relationships with him at the same time.  While even more of these youth with be teaching the game of soccer and basketball to other kids.  What can be better than youth helping youth and adults!  What a more amazing ways the city of Rochester to see the light of Jesus shining brightly than seeing a group of teenagers and adults walking down the streets asking those walking by if they can pray for them.

I ask that everyone who is reading this, pray!  Pray for the youth!  Pray for the adults!  Pray for the people who are touched by these amazing youth and adults.  I was honored to invite Flower City Outreach to the Penfield-Perinton Kiwanis Club’s annual community awards event, and give them a decent size check to keep this great mission going.  I challenge other Kiwanis Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs and any other service organization out there to add Flower City Outreach to your annual charitable giving! If you would like to help the Kiwanis Club of Penfield-Perinton in the amount they can give to charities, please check out our facebook page and join us at our annual golf tournament which is the event that brings in the majority of our money (all which is given to charity).  Thank you all, and God bless.


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