Once again I would like to talk about the GTD book.  Throughout the book there have many great ideas on organizing and helping yourself unclutter the projects, action items, inboxes, etc.  But how many of us have had a hard time really getting things going.  I know I have!  I had no problem getting the stuff to organize my work space.  I purchased organizers, colored folders for each aspect of my life: Red for Church, Blue for Personal, Yellow for Kiwanis. Which has been working great.  I am using them daily and it has really helped keep things in order. Where I’m having the issue is my email.  Remember that inbox I showed you in my first blog post?  Yep, those emails are still sitting with full inboxes.  Most are read, many have been deleted, but to take the time and really sift through each and every email in those inboxes is giving me anxiety.

Today I read a chapter where it spoke about negotiating with myself.  What does that mean?  It means that we place a note in our “inbox” (not our email inbox but our inbox as far as things to do). When I go through my inbox and place the to do’s in their respected categories, I can negotiate with myself to say the project of “cleaning out my email inbox” can go into the list of things, and do one thing as at a time. Instead of feeling like it is such an overwhelming task, and avoiding it I can decide within myself that on Monday I will do this or that with this email.  There is no reason to stress over it, because when you stress you forget other important things to do.  Some of us need to stop being procrastinators and instead start negotiating with ourselves in order to get the job done in a timely manner.  I know personally, I have a hard time getting anything done that seems to take a long time, or I can see how much time it will take.  You would think that would motivate me to get working on it, instead I often times will put it off because I am so overwhelmed with the whole project.  Using this technique I might be able to do more because I will be able to take each project a step at a time, looking at each action item as it’s own instead of the whole project.

Don’t worry there is hope for us who get overwhelmed with the big projects.  We can self-negotiate and allow those projects to be manageable.  We got this!!


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