Pancakes can save lives!

Today is National Pancake Day where you can go to many pancake houses and receive free pancakes for making a donation to the local children’s hospital.  This day has also become a tradition where Kiwanians from around the world come together with IHOP to raise money.  On this day you may not see your regular waiter or waitress, but instead a Kiwanis Member who will be serving you.  

In the Kiwanis world children are priority one.  We fully support the Children’s Maricle Network Hospitals around the world to keep them funded so they are able to give the best care to our children. Locally here is Rochester we have the Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong.  This hospital holds a special place in my heart as it is the place my daughter had open heart surgery at age 6.  

When I took my daughter Kennedy in for her Kindergarten physically her pediatrician found that she had a heart murmur. Expecting it to be nothing, he wanted to he sure  sent us to the Children’s Heart Center at Strong where Kennedy had an EKG and an Echocardiogram.  What happened next was something I hope no parent every has to experience.  The Doctor came in  explained to me  that she had a hole in her heart.  They call it ASD (Atrial Septal Defect) where there is a hole between the upper two chambers of her heart.  He was optimistic that we would be able to close the hole using an umbrella type device growing through a vein in her leg.  However, after doing so they found that her hole was larger any of  their umbrella devices.  Instead she would need open heart surgery.   The same surgery you think of your grandpa having.  She would be put on a heart/lung machine to keep her alive while her heart is stopped to repair the hole.  Kennedy is now 16 years old and  returned home from her third mission trip to Nicaragua.  I am thankful to the pediatrician, the cardiologists, and her surgeons.  I have my girl here with me today because this was found and fixed.

We are so blessed to have the Golisano Children’s Hospital right here in our own  yard.  Help us keep it that way.  Go out and treat yourselves to some pancakes by donating to the hospital.  If today is not a good day, would you please concider visiting the Finger Lakes Kiwanis Clubs Saturday April 1st at Eastview Mall in Victor where we will be collecting donations for the Golisano Children’s Hospital, you can even create a card to be given to one of the children currently in the hospital.  

Please help us support this much needed and phenomenal hospital and  it here in our community.  


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